Fusion is committed to working with Tasmania’s young people to strengthen their sense of purpose and self-worth through industry and community.

The Fusion Mentoring Program early intervention initiative provides young people at risk of disengaging from education with hands on work experience in a real world environment. Under the supervision of skilled volunteer mentors, students learn a range of practical skills, applying them to projects that contribute to the good of the wider community.

From small beginnings in 2014, the program has now out grown the current facilities. To keep building a brighter future for our local young people, we need your help. Last years fundraising dinner raised the funds to get a mentoring shed project off the ground, and as you read this building is happening this very week

This Additional workshop by years end will be providing room for more young people to participate in the program, engaging in mechanics, engineering, small scale building and construction, woodwork and work skills training, all in a safe environment.

But we want to do more, we want to change more lives.

Will you partner with us to Build a community where our young people can thrive

Help create the comminities where Tassie Young People, THRIVE.