At ‘Forest Glen’, 37-38 Gryces Road, Kingston

(2.5 km from the Huon Highway)

The Fusion Food Relief Veggie Garden began in 2015 to meet a local need for Youth Mentoring and to provide fresh produce for agencies supporting families in crisis in the Kingborough region.

 2015 – 127 Kilograms

2015-16 – 760 Kilograms

1st Spring Garden party Fundraiser.

2016-17  -424 kilograms – a bad year in the garden.D

Built a commerical  size  Hot house

Established new Pumpkin Patch

Introduced small Hydroponics system

2017-18 – 1.5 tonnes!!

Rebuilt outdoor Garden from recycled materials.

2018-19 – 1.2 Tonnes

2019 -20 –

2020 – 21 –

2021 -22 –


Growning Fresh Vegetables gorwn by local school students and volunteers, the Fusion Food Releief Veggie Garden supplies local agencies with Free vegetables for distribution to families in crisis.

Fusion food relief Vegetable Garden


Got gardening skills? Volunteer at Fusion Food Relief Vegetable Garden and give back what you got.