Engaging creatively with communities to bring life!

Fusion Southern Tasmania is part of Fusion Australia, a national youth and community organisation motivated by Christian values and the belief that people matter. We work with local people to bring transformation to communities so that the young and vulnerable can thrive.

Based at Forest Glen in the foothills of kunyani/Mount Wellington, Fusion Southern Tasmania provides programs for young people, affordable community housing for families and food relief for the wider community. Our model of community development is based on the belief that all people need a community where they belong, are free to explore their potential and find their purpose in life.

Our work here includes an adventure-based learning facility (ropes course), mentoring programs for school students, a food relief vegetable garden, community housing, opportunities to grow our understanding of our indigenous story, and bringing fellowship and support to the church and business community.

Our vision

Transformed communities where young people thrive.

Our mission

Engaging creatively with communities to bring life.

Our values

Justice, mercy, compassion, respect and industry.