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At Fusion Southern Tasmania, we’re committed to bringing our community together around the next generation. Every person can find their place of belonging and purpose in this transformed community.

Based at the Forest Glen facility between Kingston and kunyani/Mt Wellington, all of our programs and activities are shaped by the belief that every person can find belonging and purpose in a supportive community.



A healthy community makes space for young people to find their place. At Fusion, we’re committed to empowering young people to discover their potential and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

Our Adventure Based Learning facility, Mentoring Program and local Pilgrimages are designed to take young people out of their comfort zone, beyond what they currently believe of themselves, so they can explore more of their potential and thrive.



Transformed communities are places where the young and vulnerable can find their place and thrive.

Forest Glen is the hub of our community life, a place where local people can be part of our practical support for young people and families. Affordable community housing, the Food Relief Vegetable Garden and programs to promote community engagement, all contribute to the growth of a connected, supportive community.


Networks and

Through the Fusion Business and Professional Persons’ Network and the annual Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, we’ve been supporting like-minded people to come together in fellowship for nearly 20 years.

It’s our belief that in a supportive environment where we can explore our strengths, we can find our purpose and the unique part we’re made for in the transformation of our state for the good of the next generation.


We believe that with support and connection, families can be places of nurture, encouragement, and growth for the next generation. We’re committed to empowering and supporting parents and carers by bringing together a community of support around them.

Adventure Based Learning

Discover Adventure with us at the Adventure Based Learning facility at Fusion Forest Glen. For nearly 20 years, the High and Low Ropes Courses have helped schools, NGOs, churches and businesses to shape group culture and help people grow in independence and inter-personal skills.